Customized Coil Winding Machines and Their Benefits


The process of making electromagnetic coils is known as the coil winding while the term coil refers to the series of loops.  The electromagnetic coils can be used in some of the components like the relays, chokes, resistors, inductors, transformers and also in electric motors.  Many of this equipment require the coil winding done in different design shapes and also patterns.  We can have the hand operated winding machines and also the automatic machines.  They come in different ranges.   This many include the multi-spindle stand alone winder, hydraulic and the bench-top coil winders.   They can multi-task.   The multi-tasking include the support of many winding axis, and also changing wire sizes and the controlled vertical.   They are also responsible for the horizontal wire terminating and the tape-wrapping.

Many companies are manufacturing these devices at this link, and they are very durable and has good performance.  Check the machine ruggedness, performance power and the reliability to identify whether it is a good machine.  Many complications may arise from the winding components.   Good and reliable coil winding on the components can be ensured by the use of customized coils the high precision winding coils and also the solenoids.  These customized techniques have to be applied to the devices by qualified technicians who have to follow all the guidelines that are set and a well-articulated plan.

Sometimes a client might require a coil winding which is specific and in this case it has to be customized.  The machines are customized to multi-task.  Look for the right service partner to work with.

 You should ensure that he is qualified to work in that field because different technicians have different qualifications and specializations in repairing and the servicing of different items.

If a technician has been in the industry for at least five years this gives him a good exposure and understanding of the work at hand and so he can do it in a professional manner.   The technician should also be in a position to give you a guarantee that if the device will break down again you can call him, so that he can come and check it up again, only that this time it will be for free.  Some technicians can be able to give you a longer period of guarantee, and this will be even commendable.

You have to make sure that the pricing is reasonable, go here for more info!


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